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YouTube Secrets: How I Make $2,000 A Month - And No Filming! Review

Youtube, you know it and its likely that you and most marketers have used the site either to surf for video content, find an answer to a question or perhaps you even upload your content to Youtube. What you probably did not know is that massive amounts of money can be made by uploading your own content and getting Youtube to monitise the content. What is Monitising your content? Well think of it as Adsense for Video, dont know what Adsense is? Then check out google, they own it and it can be a great way of getting extra money from your sites as long as they are visited and the adverts are clicked on. 

We as Google own both Adsense and Youtube then its easy to create additional adsense revenue from your Youtube account. Dont think this is worth it? Check out PewDiePie on Youtube. This guy is a 25 year old Sweedish male that earns in excess of $10,000,000 a year by playing Horror and Action games on his Pc, and Games Consoles and uploads the commentated footage to Youtube. These are then monitised and he gets paid by allowing ads to be shown on his videos. You can check out the proof by visiting a site Alun Hill talks about in the course, called Social Blade, more on this later.

The Course Content

So in the course Alun talks about how he is making money on Youtube, shows his channel and his earnings to a degree. He wont show the actual earnings that Adsense or Youtube tell him he makes but he does show you on Social Blade which gives you a rough amount between 2 amounts. Now these amounts do vary massively as Aluns earnings currently show as between £784 and £12500. There is a reason for this and its because of the metrics that Social Blade uses to estimate earnings. The actual earnings are more like £12000 a year as they can be seriously underestimated.

Currently Alun has 1557 videos on one channel 25k subscribers and has a total of 22 million video views. Now to put those figures into perspective, if you had 22 million hits on your site and you had 1 adsense banner on that site, how much do you think you would earn from impressions and clicks. If you know anything about Adsense then you will know that this amount of traffic will generate thousands of pounds/dollars in revenue.

The course is broken down into modules and Alun starts by showing you how to create a Youtube account, set it up correctly and then he moves on to the different locations that you can use to find FREE videos that you CAN USE on your channel without fear of copyight infringement. These videos are called Creative Commons and Alun Hill shows you which version of Creative Commons licences you can use on your site and monitise. Alun goes on to show you how to structure your titles, your descriptions and your tags for maximum effect and traffic. Finally Alun shows you how to gain more subscribers by using tools built right into the Youtube Platform that will allow you to add links to an external website, get users to subscribe from your video or click links to a playlist or additional video. 

There is one massive secret that Alun shows you in amongst this course. This is so big that I would say that the advice is worth the price of the course alone as it can litterally explode your traffic instantly. I would say what that is but its not a very well known secret amongst Youtubers and is therefore ripe for the taking. 

Youtube Secrets Verdict

Alun Hill' Youtube Secrets to making $2000 a month on Youtube is a massive learning experience. He has a goldmine of information that you can use to get you started on Youtube without the need for a camera, microhphone or the ability to produce. You can copy what Alun teaches and move on to massive success like Alun has achieved. Like the thought of earning an additional $2000 a month by simply creating a video every now and then and uploading it to one of the largest traffic sources on the web. Now there are not many things online that you can earn money from with no Website, no list or no outlay. Alun has found such a product and because of this his course gets 5 out of 5 and our strongest recomendation. Please do check out his course today.

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