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Graphics Smasher Review

Graphics Smasher is a medium sized graphics package from The Graphics Ninja. It was created in 2012 as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). It was released for $10.44 (£6.53) with a one time offer (OTO) which offered an upgrade to a webinar for an additional $17.00 (£10.63). Im not sure what the webinar was about or if it even went ahead as the WSO is no longer active and the forum posts dont really say.

Graphics Smasher contains 16 different modules of graphics, these being:

  1. Web Icons
  2. Web Elements for marketing
  3. Icon Pack for mobile apps
  4. Facebook timeline covers
  5. Seamless patterns pack
  6. 3D arrows
  7. Buy and order buttons 1
  8. Buy and order buttons 2
  9. Headers
  10. Man holding sign pack
  11. Marketing banners
  12. Price tags
  13. User interface elements
  14. Vintage banners
  15. Web Boxes
  16. Round Buttons

Because it came with Master resale rights (MRR) it means that its fairly wide spread now and can be picked up at a lot of places including eBay. 

I managed to pick it up for $6.70 (£4.50) this week when I picked up another similar product. As a result I have the resale rights too but only really wanted the pack for its content. 


Graphics Smasher Content

So what is the content like? Its actually quite good. For the price paid you get 16 full modules which in the zip file it comes in is 647MB. Unzipped this is 1.33GB worth of content, thats a staggering $0.004 per MB of data!

The graphics are all really good. You will need photoshop or a free equivilent to use the graphics.  

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