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Graphics Club Monthly Review

Graphics Club Monthly is a monthly membership site run by Max Rylski a respected member of the warrior forum who churns out an unbelieveable amount of graphic WSO deals each year with staggerring quality and enthusiasm. Graphics Club Monthly members can choose from 2 levels of membership at differing prices. These membership levels offer the same products each month but with different rights. 

Graphics Club Monthly Membership Levels

The first level which I signed up for in 2008 is Personal Use. Graphics Club Monthly gives you a graphics product each month that you remain a member, with this membership level you get personal use rights to each of the products meaning you can use them as you wish but have no rights to sell the packages.  The other level is PLR (Private Label Rights) which gives you the right to sell each of the packages as your own. They are completely white label so you can change the name, split the content, add it to a membership site... pretty much whatever you want. The Personal use level I do not believe is available any longer and used to cost .00 a month. The PLR level should be .00 but is currently on offer at .00 (prices correct at time of publication).

Graphics Club Monthly Content

So are the products from Graphics Club Monthly any good? Lets take a look at the April 2012 product Premium Banners Pack  V2. This as the product suggests is version 2 of the premium banners pack and is much enhanced compared to the previous version with crisper fonts and images and more vibrant colours. In the pack there are 10 sets which each contain 12 variations of banner from 160x600 to 250x250 to 468x60 and 728x90 which are all standard web banner sizes.

GCM Product Example

Here is a great example of one of the banners. This really does highlight the quality of Max's work I think and is just a snapshot of what he is capable of. All of these products generaly come with preview images in JPG format along with the raw photoshop PSD files which are completely editable. 

Graphics Club Monthly Verdict

I have been a member of Graphics Club Monthly since its birth. I joined at the personal level and at a cost of just when I joined I really cannot say anything bad about the membership. The current pricing for full PLR is just which again isnt too shabby bearing in mind you get a full graphics product to sell for 100% profit. If there is one thing that people in any form of online venture its graphics. Support from Max is good, could be better but as with any successfull marketer he has a lot on his plate. A dedicated support system would be ideal to track messages. On each occassion I have asked Max to redownload a product he has come back to me with the bits that I have asked for in no time. My only criticism is that product releases can be slow, I guess this is due to Max giving priority to his other product releases. This aside the product quality is excellent and really does make up for these small issues. I give Graphics Club Monthly a 3.3 stars out of 5.

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