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PLR Jackpot Review

PLR Jackpot was released by Jeremy Gislason, JP Schoeffel and Simon Hodgkinson in December 2011 and was dubbed by them as "the craziest deal for entrepreneurs you'll find online". Well that’s quite a statement for what is essentially a package of 5 high quality Private Label Rights (PLR) products. However its the bonuses that really set this package apart from the rest and at a mere for pre-release customers this could be a must have package.

So what’s this package all about? Lets take a look....


Just what is contained in PLR Jackpot?

The packages main selling points are the 5 HIGH QUALITY Private Label Rights products which all come with high quality sales pages and editable images. In a market where PLR quality is generally pretty low these 5 really do stand out as gems. Lets take a look at one of the 5 PLR Jackpot products named Backlink Assault. Now this product doesn’t really need an introduction as it does what it says on the cover - gets the reader a flow of free traffic through a planned back linking strategy. The book itself is 42 pages long which includes a disclaimer and contents page. The word count also isn’t bad at around 8,800 words. The book is delivered in both pdf and doc formats. The source document contains a page background giving the book depth and realism that’s hard to get from a digital book. 

Also contained within the zip file is a complete mini site with sales, download, affiliate, terms, disclaimer and privacy pages! I don’t think I have ever seen a single product which packs so much into a mini site.

The sales copy is also pretty good and claims are made by the creators of PLR Jackpot that these have been written by professional copywriters and that to do it yourself would cost around 00. The disclaimer, terms and affiliate pages are all up to par in our opinion and this easily saves you a ton of work.


PLR Jackpot bonuses

The bonuses on offer are simply great. The first fast action bonus is a single similar high quality PLR product every month for a whole year! This is the one that sold me straight away as you are technically getting 17 products for your payment price. This bonus is nicknamed the ‘PLR Inner Circle’ should you see that banded around.

Bonus 2 is a webinar with a ‘ghost’ PLR product creator that creates products for the guru’s. Its ok if you get in late in the game as the webinar has been recorded for everyone to listen to.

PLR Jackpot bonus 3 is a set of 2 ecover action scripts for Photoshop. These scripts are also high quality and allow members to create both hardback and paperback versions of the ecovers for all 5 PLR Jackpot products, or even their own creations.  


PLR Jackpot Verdict

Overall I think this package is a steal, certainly at the pre release price. However at for 5 products alone may appear steep but remember that there are another 12 being released each month for an entire year so it soon becomes clear that isn’t a lot for these 17 products. The other 2 bonuses added in with these products to me is a sure thing. If you wanted to take more of a plunge then for an extra then the one time offer may be for you as this includes another 5 PLR products.

For me the sales page was enough and I was sold within 3 minutes of reading as this level of PLR needs to be grasped when it comes around as they are not that common. For this reason I have given PLR Jackpot 4.6 stars out of 5 making this product of 2011 for us. 

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