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Nitro Blogger Review

Nitro blogger was launched by Jeremy Burns in June 2008 as one of the 10 Private Label Rights (PLR) products from Sourcecode goldmine 7. Nitro blogger is   a monthly PLR membership site where members get 20 different blog posts in 10 different categories. Each category also includes 10 blog comments along with the posts. The site was when it was launched back in 2008 and to date it hasnt changed. Nitro Blogger members get master private label rights to the  products and the idea is for members to set up their own blog content selling membership site rather than use the content themselves. To this end members also get a pre written email to send to members and a ready made webpage to upload to your site for your members to download their products. 


Nitro Blogger Products

So is the monthly content you get from Nitro Blogger any good? Lets take a look. In the very first paid update of the site in 2008 members got blog posts on the following subjects: Dress to impress, easy profit with pdocasting, fun in snow machines, help from your city, hiring a yacht, hollywood bound, renting a vacation, taking pro pictures, word law information and your home movie theatre. The quality of the blog posts is good at around 250 words each. Each post is well written and appears to be well researched so your members should have no complaints. The comments are pretty generic but can fit a number of situations and posts so should be good to go from the outset. Products are released around the middle of the month and to date they have not been late.


Nitro Blogger Verdict

Overall Jeremy Burns Nitro Blogger membership is worth the money if you want to set up a membership site of your own. For a month you can effectively set up a PLR membership site and have all of the product creation taken care of for you, this however may be a little high for some. Product quality is good with well written content and your email and download pages being supplied ready for you to upload and go. Support is through Jeremys support system which to date hasnt failed us so there are no concerns there. The downside is that this is really in the internet marketing niche as thats who you are targetting, as such the competition may be high and you will have to look for a unique angle to be different. 

Overall we give Nitro Blogger 4 stars out of 5 and gets our seal of approval.

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