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Source Code Goldmine V12 Review

Source Code Goldmine V12 was launched by its owner Jeremy Burns on Tuesday 3rd May 2011. This is the 12th installment in the series. Each sale contains 10 products with Private Label Rights (PLR) and they vary from eBooks to video and software products all with the source code files. This means that you get 10 products with the original documents used to create them, from the word documents used to create the ebook, the .avi files for the videos and the code files for any web scripts or software.

Jeremy Burns always throws in a little extra too and in this Source Code Goldmine he is giving away three extra bonuses. These are off of the purchase price when you use the coupon code FastActionDiscount at the point of sale. The second bonus is a series of getting started videos which talk the buyer through what to do with these 10 new products.  The final bonus is a 15 hour product creation and publishing seminar, exactly the kind of information you want and need to help you sell your 10 new products. The site is currently selling at 7, but with the discount you can get this for a measly 0.

Anyway that's enough about the bonuses that Jeremy has to offer at Source Code Goldmine V12, 'tell us about the products' I hear you shout! Well ok then.

As I said before when you buy into the 12th version of the Source Code Goldmine package you get 10 brand new unreleased products with Private Label Rights (PLR) to do with as you please. There are certain restrictions surrounding selling the source code (You cant). All of the products come with their source code, 3 versions of the PSD and JPG graphics, HTML for the sales and download pages and the compiled versions. They are ready to sell as they are, or you can edit and revamp them to your hearts content.


Auto Traffic Bot isthe first product. This is a windows software application written in C sharp (C#) and in my opinion is worth the value of this package alone. Jeremy Burns has been creating software applications for Source Code Goldmine for years and if I’m honest this has to be the best yet. It works by giving you a windows based software application to search and answer questions on the Yahoo answers site. Great for building your reputation up as an authority in any niche. What's more you get the actual source code!


Backlink Hurricane is the second product which is a video seminar. I'm not sure of the choice of words here given the damage storms have done in the states this past week, but hey that's a simple fix as you get private label rights (PLR) to change this video product completely. This product is on the subject of backlinks and how to get them. There are 18 videos of differing length covering everything from page rank and link building, to link farms. I can’t see it taking a lot to change the style of the sales package but the videos are kind of final unless you have the PowerPoint slides used to create them. More on the PowerPoint slides later...


Dot Com Cash Cow is the third Source Code Goldmine V12 product and is an ebook on the subject of buying and selling domains for profit. The ebook is 109 pages of great content ranging from understanding what a domain name is, to flipping parking and selling a domain name. This is a great little topic which has been touched on in the past but not to any real extent. 


Flippa Cash is the fourth Source Code Goldmine product. This is a video seminar product which is all about buying and selling websites for profit. 

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