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Habits: 3 Easy Steps to Creating Habits That Last Review

Forming habits is usually left to the bad habits that we make in everyday life, be that driving or biting your nails. Forming positive habits can be extremely hard especially as you normally slip into bad habits by accident.

That being said the one thing that bad and positive habits have in common is repitition. You repeat the same bad 'thing' over and over and it eventually sticks and you do it automatically, thus making a new bad habit. Well little do you know that you can actually train yourself to do this but for positive things. Repeat something you want as a positive habit enough times and over a long enough period of time and you will eventually have a new positive habit.

This can be hard and as such you may need a little direction to achieve this aim. This is where a course may come in handy. Enter Kimberly Koehler and her Habit course on Udemy,

Kimberly has created a fairly short course on Udemy, infact its only 12 lectures long and cover just over 35 minutes worth of content. But this is all you need to get moving on creating your new habits. Kimberly is a tutor whose first language is english so the content is well presented and easy to undertsand,

Although the course is short, this is a good thing. The lectures are to the point and there is no waffle or padding which would simply waste your time. If you are looking to knock a bad habit, or create a new positive habit then you cant go far wrong with the Habits: 3 easy steps to creating habits that last course on Udemy. 

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