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Amazon FBA: Home Business Ideas Review

Amazon FBA, heard of them before? If not then don't worry as you may not have unless you have sold something on Amazon in the past. Amazon FBA is a fulfilment service provided by Amazon across the globe. FBA means fulfilled by Amazon. 

Fulfilled? What does this mean I hear you cry?

Well, have you seen the Prime logo on products sold on Amazon? These are usually Amazon selling their own products but thousands more are Marketplace sellers. A Marketplace seller is someone running their own business, but using Amazon as a front to get sales.

So, FBA means that you can buy goods, create your own goods or clear out your loft for products. You then send the products on to Amazon's warehouse, and they will place them onto their shelves. Then at the point of sale Amazon take a small cut of your profits to pack, ship and handle customer services for you. The only other fee that they then charge you for is to store your product in their warehouse.

It all reads as if its easy to do doesn't it? Well the truth is that Amazon FBA is easy, as long as you have a product or products to send to Amazon to list for sale. Not having anything to sell isn't a problem though. There are thousands of wholesalers around the world that are willing to work with Amazon FBA!

So where does Alun come in with his course, and do you need to buy the course to succeed?

Well thats a matter of opinion. 95% of business start-ups on the internet fail within the first few years.  You could just jump head long into Amazon, not having any idea of what you should do. You might have watched some Youtube clips on FBA and now have a rough idea of what to do. And you know what, you might just succeed as you have the right product, sold at the right time. But lets be honest, its more likely that you will join the other 95% of internet failures! Despite some success you will fail without the proper knowledge. 

Still with me?

Alun Hill has created the Amazon FBA: Turn $10 into $15,737 course on the e learning site, Udemy. If you don't know what Udemy is then you can check out our review of the site here. The Amazon FBA course is 55 lectures long with just over 4 hours worth of content. During the course Alun takes you by the hand and shows you how to register for an Amazon seller account. Then convert this into an FBA account in the USA. Not in the US, no problem as Alun shows you how to regiser for a US bank card to get paid!

Alun then shows you where to go to get products to ship to Amazon. These are all in the USA and they will all ship direct to Amazon for you. This means that you can run this business in the USA from anywhere in the world. Its then just a case of sitting back and waiting for sales. 

Now the course is a mixture of screencasts and sketch videos. Their quality is good, Alun's first language is English so understanding him is not an issue. Some of the sketch videos are annoying after a while as they have the same music but this doesn't detract from their message. 

The course currently retails at about £234 ($350). This will appear to be a large amount to some people, and whilst some of the information is free through Amazons own tutorials it can be a bit disjointed and hard to follow. Alun's course is simple to follow in comparison and will get you from newbie to beginner FBA trader in 4 hours!

My strongest advice is to wait until a Udemy sale such as the Black Friday event starting this Monday and running for a week. Yoy should expect to pick up a premium course like this for about £7 ($10) which makes it a must have for any e-learning collection.

I wish you well on your FBA journey and if there is anything I can assist with then please don't hesitate to ask. 


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