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Get 100k Visitors in 1 Hour With Super Turbo Traffic Secrets Review

Regular readers of this site will know that I hold a Udemy online learning account (check out our Udemy review if you are unsure) and pick up a number of courses in a whole raft of niches. I recently was lucky enough to pick up a traffic generation course from online marketer Richard Santoro. Richard appears to be a UK based marketer (he sounds english in any event) but I was unable to find much information about him online other than the usual Facebook and Linkedin Profiles. 

Richards course in Udemy has some bold claims in that he is able to generate 100,000 visits to any of his sites including his blogs, his ecommerce platform by using the advertising network Adfly. Now you may well think that Adfly was infact a URL shrinker (a program that shortens any URL into a smaller one) but this course changed my opinion on that. Richard shows the other side of Adfly which holds the ability to send untargetted traffic to any URL that you own as long as it conforms to Adflys terms and conditions, ie no porn,adware etc.

Richard takes you by the hand in his course Get 100K Visitors in 1 Hour with Super Turbo Traffic Secrets and shows you how to set up an Adfly campaign, create a UTM link (google it if your not sure) and then use this information in a Google Analytics goal to track success. Richard goes on to show you how to create a landing page using a well known online service and then upload that page to your site and then add that link to your Adfly campaign. 


In the course Richard purchases 100,000 visits and directs them to his landing page, sadly he shows no proof that he actually purchases this traffic and even how it turns out for him at the end. I did leave a review on Udemy stating this and I hope that he adds that proof of earnings/conversions otherwise his course simply fades away into the realm of most other similar courses that have bold claims but show no evidence of their claims having actually happened. So in order to test Richards claims I joined Adfly and purchased 100,000 visits to 1 page on this site, the campaign has only just been activated and I am waiting on the results. Im not sure if Richard claims that 100,000 visitors hit his site in 1 hour or it takes 1 hour to set the whole capmpaign up. I will come back in due course to share with you my results. 

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