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Udemy is a fairly recent addition to the internet when compared to the likes of other large video sites and Facebook,Twitter etc. The site only started to appear online in 2010 but its real success has been in 2014 when it has grown to become the go to place for Internet Marketers and online Gurus to sell video content and to learn a new skill from a 'guru'.

Udemy was founded by Erin Bali in 2007 when he was living in Turkey. Back then he built a live virtual classroom inside software, enthralled with the idea he moved to Silicon Valley and started to seek funds. He failed over 30 times to gain the required funding so he decided to self fund the project. In the follwoing 2 months they gained 10,000 subscribers, 1,000 instructors and over 2,000 courses. Based on this success they sought out funding again and secured $1 Million to enable the platform to grow into Udemy as you can see it today.

Udemy is a free to join site that offers Free and Paid courses in just about anything you can think of. Today Udemy has over 5 million uses, 12,000 instructors making over 22,000 courses in 40+ languages. There have been over 13 million enrollements into these 22,000 courses and there are a total of 3.5 million hours of video on their servers. Its reported most courses fall between the $29 to $99 range, with a lot being free. There are however courses priced above that at $400 and one we saw at $5000.

The platform has enjoyed a lot of success in the recent past thanks to a lot of advertising by large national press agencies such as the New York Times, Bloomberg and Forbes. The site has a nice clean design which makes it very easy to navigate. Courses can be found easily through their search functions and they are great at recommending new courses based on the last courses you searched for, wishlisted or have purchased.

Any course that you purchase is kept inside your members area. It never expires and therefore you do not need to download a bulky course to your hard drive through fear of paying a lot of money just to loose the content a year later. With Udemy this will never happen. Most courses are recorded ikn full HD and creators/instructors have to abide by strict standards set by Udemy. Inbuilt into the software is a message and alert system, this in turn feeds your inbox so you do get alerted of new courses, new announcements to your subscribed courses and cross selling promotions by your teachers. Dont worry too much about these cross sells as they will always come with a coupon code which means you pick the course up at a heavy discount. 

Udemy also run a series of promotions at various times throughout the year. The recent Christmas promotion meant that a lot of $299+ courses were being sold for at least 95% off. I picked up a ton of things to learn during 2015 just through this promotion. 

On the flip side of Udemy is the ability to become an instructor yourself. This again is free but you do have to jump through their selection hoops first, thats a good thing though as it does weed out the majority of the scammers and spammers, of which there are a lot online. Course creation is a taught subject on the site and if you have the required knowledge on a popular subject and the skills to create the course content then its been reported that on average you can earn $7000 per course. 'Gurus' however have shown profits in excess of $50,000 - $100,000 for just a few courses that have been heavily promoted by Udemy internally. Its known that Udemy are very good at promoting trending courses and this is how sums like $50,000+ are made. Just this week an instructor I was learning from was in the Australian press for such earnings, the release can be seen here

I really do think that udemy is becoming the go to place for any online learning. They are busy trying to get Corporate clients to join so that businesses can teach their staff using Udemy. They have invested in apps for both IOS and Android and its reported that 20% of their customers watch courses via those apps. 

I hope that you can see that we do rate Udemy very high in our rankings, if you want to join for free then click the Visit Site Now button below.

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