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PLR Codemine Review

PLR Codemine is a relatively new Private Label Rights membership that delivers a brand new Wordpress or standalone PHP script on a monthly basis. The site is run and maintained by James Cunnington. The site was originally set up in 2009 by Frank Hayward who is a UK based internet marketer. However as James Cunnington was practically running PLR Codemine from the get-go the reins were handed over to him to continue without Frank.

At the time of writing the PLR Codemine costs just $20 a month but is expected to rise with increased membership. Let’s look at what you get for your money:


  • 1 x monthly product which is usually a Wordpress plug-in or standalone website script. This comes with Private Label Rights (PLR) and the full source code. This means that you can literally do whatever you want to with this product. It really is your own product to sell as you want.
  • 1 x sales letter which James states is written by professional copywriters.
  • 1 x set of professionally created graphics.
  • 1 x full demonstration video created by professional video artists.


So, do you get any bang for your buck? The products are generally good. Some are pretty large plug-ins or standalone products. One recent product was a standalone One time offer ‘OTO’ script. The same month we also got access to a bonus script ‘Power Effects V2’ completely free. These two were worth the monthly fee as Power effects came with Master Resale Rights.

Wordpress plug-ins are the main type of product you can expect but every now and then James will surprise you with quite a large standalone PHP web script, or a graphics bonus. Each product now comes with a fully designed sales page, video and sales copy. They seriously are upload and go. My only reservation is that some of the products are clearly sold by their creator as well so they are not strictly unique and competition is therefore already present from the point you download the product.


Support from James Cunnington is good. I have had cause to ping off a couple of support requests to him, one about not being able to see monthly downloads in the member section. James's response was good and the problem fixed within a few hours. James even offered me a bonus as a way of saying sorry for the problem, although I didn’t take him up on it! Thats just me though :).


The price was good when Frank Hayward launched the site back in 2009, that’s why I signed up. The product releases were reflected by the price. Some were pretty small plug-ins that I could have created in a few hours, others made up for the price I had paid. However the current price I don’t think reflects the quality of the plug-ins. That is if James sold them on their own! With the additional sales pages, videos and the bonuses that he throws your way then the site is well worth adding to your list of memberships.

You can use the coupon code 30OFF to get 30% off of the current sign up price which makes subscribing to PLR Codemine worth it.


In my honest opinion, Wordpress is the one tool that marketers all have in common. Need a blog? Then it’s likely that you will use Wordpress. The biggest thing with this market is that everyone is unique as they want a unique blog. There are hundreds of thousands of plug-ins in the marketplace but with such a diverse and adaptable system most of them are also unique. Unique people like unique products, this makes for one large market. A large market = sales opportunities. 

If you like Wordpress or standalone PHP scripts, and you like to redesign or flip products like this then this is the membership for you as you could stand to make a lot of money.


Update 10/12/2013

The Service is no longer provided so please dont subscribe

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